Things to be considered before going for an e-commerce website

In a technically mastered world, you can be a pioneer in business with e-commerce only if you choose the correct e-commerce website. There are several e-commerce platforms available online with lots of facilities but choosing the best e-commerce platform to produce your e-commerce website is not as easy as it seems to be. The future of your business will be decided on your selection of the e-commerce platform at the beginning of your online business. Therefore, it is up to you to be wise and careful when you select your e-commerce platform if you want to get the best out of the e-commerce website that you are paying for. To help you with the process of choosing the best e-commerce website to go along with your purpose, we have listed down 05 aspects to be considered.

1. Website Load Speed

In 2023, people always go for the options where they get their service within a few minutes . So, If you want to provide your customer with a speed service and satisfy them, you should definitely consider the load speed of the e-commerce website that you are going to produce from your e-commerce platform.

If the e-commerce website is going to be crafted by a company, then look for their other similar works and have a measure. If it is a platform like Ceylon Shops, then visit a similar e-commerce website or online shop already created from the platform or just reach the platform support team to find out how you would have a great e-commerce solution. Also If the platform of the e-commerce website from which you are going to get the service is slow, you can't expect the produced site for your business will be fast.

2. Website Security

No matter how technically advanced your e-commerce website looks, if it is unable to ensure the security of your e-business, it will be an utter failure in the end. All your effort will go in vain in a twinkling. So, it is really very important to check whether the e-commerce website that you are going to select follows the industry standards and has a unique mechanism to be protected.

3. Server Load

Whether it is a platform or one website hosting server, the maximum server load shouldn’t be exceeded more than average, otherwise it will result in slow or inaccessible website(s). You can ask for reports from the platform to have a conclusion on this. Basically, you can’t have a good e-commerce website using a shared server or on a cheap server with less RAM capacity. An E-Commerce website has a lot of database queries and data to deal with. Also has to face a lot of traffic in order to generate a good sales target. Therefore the server of your e-commerce website should be optimized very well and should have a less load average in order to serve a high demand.

4. Failures

The e-commerce website will take your products to the global level making your online shop famous among a large number of people . As a result, the demand and the number of visitors for your online shop will be higher compared to physical stores. Therefore, in online shopping, you can frequently experience traffic due to high access. But, it is likely more than 50% of the traffic is trash traffic and only about 40% or even less of it will be your real customers from whom your income is generated. Because people are visiting your e-commerce website regardless of whether they want to buy or not. Even if they wanted to buy, you may not have what they expected. Therefore, it is really important to avoid the failures due to the traffic and other relevant facts to provide your customers with a good service . For that you should select the correct e-commerce platform which is capable of producing an e-commerce website or online shop for you which can handle high traffic as well as prevent dummy/fake/bot traffic ultimately providing your customers with a satisfactory service.

You can read the reviews of the users to see the quality and the performance of the online shops created by the e-commerce platform that you are going to select.

5. Threats

Threats are common when you are running anything on the internet. Threats for e-commerce websites are comparatively higher, since lots of financial transactions happen in e-commerce websites. Threats should be carefully handled. Maybe you have experienced that when you make an online payment using your credit card, the bank calls you just within 5 minutes of the transaction. Do you know why? That is because they know that there is a high possibility for your card information to be stolen due to weakness of some e-commerce websites. So they want to confirm if the transaction is really made by you. If it is not you, then they will take possible actions to reverse the particular transaction. Thus, it is highly important to know precisely whether the e-commerce platform from which you get help in creating your online shop or e-commerce website is capable of protecting your website from threats.

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