The Benefits

For a lowest charges in the market, you receive below list of benefits for your shop, which will save your money rather than setting up from third-party tools.

Event-driven emails

Generate emails at each important event which need to have a track or record for reference.

Business & Asset Analysis

Analysis reports help you to take right desicions in a right time frame. Also useful to keep a track of sales, income, outcome, purchases and so on.

Security first

Built by professional industry experts and using industry highest standard infrastructure helps to keep the system secured and protected. We always have an eye on updates of new exploits, so you don't want to worry about the shop's protections from attackers.

Innovative idea

We are doing research and developments continuously. So you will get updates eventually, means you will have a shop with day to day updates which adds modern features competently. We never charge extra money for updates. You have all the features included in the system regardless of the package, if you've purchased a package without a special deal criteria.

Save your bills

You don't want to pay for each aspect from different third party tools providers, our packages includes all of these what you need to run a shop or even a shopping mall. We manage the application, you manage the business and save your time. Spend your time to increase your sales.

Proven technology

We use industry highest standard technologies to get this application to you. So don't worry about failures, it can be guranteed 99% of uptime and fast loading pages in your online shop.

The Application

Let us introduce you what you will receive. It is best to have a look at demonstration rather than read about features. But if you are finding what are the highlighted essentials as you are having less time to spend, please read on.

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