What Ceylon shops is

Produce ecommerce websites in a twinkling - A Free tier available

Ceylon Shops is a globally enabled hosted ecommerce platform that will assist your business to be optimized and reach the maximum followers in the demand. In Ceylon Shops, you can fluently produce ecommerce websites in a twinkling even if you are an individual or a business without any knowledge of programming or technology. It gives low-cost solutions to produce ecommerce websites for businesses or enterprises and settle online delivery services. This is also a reliable and the best alternative to other ecommerce solutions and hosted ecommerce websites out there.

Today at Ceylon Shops, we have defined a free tier, to offer you a 1-year free access with all the features available. Thus, nothing prevents you from giving it a try by creating ecommerce websites for free, and making your business competent or just to begin a home-based online business while working from home.

A few of highlighted features of Ceylon Shops ecommerce solution;

  • Arranging & monitoring online delivery services ( Gifts, Commercial (or corporate?) Orders, Anonymous Deliveries)
  • Giving promotions to your buyers in several patterns adding limitations such as fixed amounts, percentages, special deals, new customers, product wise limits, etc
  • Creating your own special pages for occasions like Fathers’ Day, Mothers' Day, Christmas, Valentine’s, and so on.
  • Arranging products as custom collections ( New arrivals, Featured, Frequently–bought)
  • Cross selling and upselling with automatic findings driven with intelligence of selling products.
  • Delivering commercial (or corporate?) orders.
  • Provide a dedicated corporate portal to your corporate clients and create strong corporate relations
  • Catching abandoned orders
  • Accepting bulk orders
  • Custom-made payment requests
  • Invoicing your business details

To know the complete list of features, please go to features of Ceylon Shops.

Once you create ecommerce websites or your online shop, you will be followed up with a scheduled introductory guide via emails that will help you complete setting up your ecommerce website or compare the freshly created online shop.
Also you can check our user guides available as text-based documents and/ or screencast videos to complete your ecommerce website or the hosted online shop.

In addition to these, you can always reach our support team via emails or just by opening a ticket from your “My Account” section.

If it is required, there is a technical support plan that you can subscribe to use for customizations of your ecommerce website, integrating something that is especially needed for your ecommerce website and so on.

Ceylon Shops also provides enterprises with free ecommerce consultations which is a must when serving a series of high volume orders. Interested customers regardless of individuals or businesses can also request ecommerce consultations when demanded. Following our ecommerce consultations, you can enhance your business and ecommerce website launched in Ceylon Shops or just your online shops by participating in our free ecommerce webinars eventually.

It is best if you could go through demonstrations provided covering both the ecommerce website which will intimately serve your customers, and the workstation of it to manage and run your ecommerce website or the hosted online shop.

However, If you prefer the practical way rather than testing with demonstrations, you can just give it a try with our free tier which provides 1-year free access without any feature limitations. It will allow you to use Ceylon Shops to produce ecommerce websites for free and bring your business online to increase sales now.

We do not limit features in any plan at all. We just bring your online business using your ecommerce website to the demand and release there. It is only your strength of doing and managing an online business that will take you where you'll be ended with. We hope 1-year is enough for you to get your online business into a major position if you are dedicated in your online business.

Producing ecommerce websites or launching a hosted online shop for your online business at Ceylon Shops and directing your online business with today's cutting edge technology while opening it to maximum followers in the demand are the utmost goals of Ceylon Shops.

Meet the team

We are a team of inventors, writers and designers from the differrent parts of the world on a mission.

Founder of Ceylon Shops

Janaka Rajapaksha

Researcher/Creative Writer of Ceylon Shops

Oshadi Dodangoda

Researcher/Creative Writer
Graphics & Media of Ceylon Shops

Asela Karunarathne

Graphics & Media

Parent Company

Ceylon Shops was invented by Janaka Rajapaksha and now serving you by Portion (Pvt) Limited, Sri Lanka. Learn more about Portion

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