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A comprehensive e-commerce package for you to run an online shop or even a shopping mall by colloborating with your goods providers. Just reserve your name and start selling.

It is easy as filling a three-minutes form.

how it works

There are lot of e-commerce platforms out there at the moment. But ours is different. We give you lot of features for a less price comparative to the others. Very simple, easy to start and continue. Here it is in brief.

Reserve your shop

Sign up for a package as you go. Depending on your capacity or the number of orders you will expect per month.

Configure your shop

Add your own products, images and details. Your categories, goods providers, etc. Choose how you will receive payments from your customers.

Process orders on time.

Keep track of your orders and deliver on time. Use analysis reports to make decisions. Manage your goods providers and purchases from them.

Our Pricing

Your shop is unique. You have unique style and you need a unique shop for you. Choose from our collection of packages. There are no feature limitations on each package, all the features included in lowest package as well as highest priced package. Only the order capacity will be maintain based on the package. So choose based on how much orders you can serve per month.


Upto 1100 orders per month

Free for the first month



Is your expectations not included?

Estimate on Order Capacity

Contact Or See Available Plans


Don't take our word,. See what our clients say about their experiences with Ceylon Shops.

This Ceylon Shops providing an online shop application is the nicest e-commerce solution available, their lot of features giving us more opportunities to increase our sales and minimize the cost.

Ceylon Shops is the most ambitious, well constructed e-commerce system ever seen, but having lot of features make it feel more like a shopping mall than a standard individual shop. I do sales using vendors also ;)

Ceylon Shops is the best platform we've used for our online shop, and the first that feels friendly and has character. Since I receive updates and new additions without any charge, I am very comfortable doing my online shopping business on this platform. Keep it up the good work, Thank you very much.


Here's a roadmap of Ceylon Shops to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

Coming Soon

Corporate Orders · Corporate Portal

A separated section dedicated to your corporate clients, making it easy for you to manage corporate bulk orders.

15 Aug 2021

Pre-launch · Send Invitations

16 Jul 2021

Prototype & Testing

20 Feb 2021

Research and Development

Concept Based on Demand

Mobile App for your shop - Coming Soon

Reserve your own mobile app dedicated to your shop or shopping mall. Or let your customers to download shared mobile app which is having all the shops like yours and customers can buy from any as they wish.


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